Dima Reykhtman

Web Development Portfolio


This project is a metal band website built with JavaScript and Sass without relying on libraries and frameworks.

The Intersection Observer API controls the animations and highlights the currently viewed section in the navbar. Sticky positioning mixes up fixed and scrolling elements while persisting the page flow. The embedded Bandcamp player allows visitors to enjoy the music without having to leave the site.

Portfolio Website

Following the previous project, only JavaScript and Sass were used to build this website.

The arrows that always point to the specified spot are the SVG <path> elements using the cubic B├ęzier curve commands. The DOMRect object is used to find the starting and ending coordinates of the arrows. The trusty Intersection Observer API returns to switch the descriptions based on the screenshot in view.


This massive full stack e-commerce app was built using the MERN stack, including the latest React features, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, JSON Web Tokens, and more. It uses the sandbox PayPal API to emulate the checkout process. The app is deployed on Heroku and MongoDB Atlas.

Contact Keeper

Contact Keeper is a full stack MERN app. The following technologies were used to create it: React with the Context API for state management, MongoDB, Node.js, Express, JSON Web Tokens. The database is deployed on MongoDB Atlas, and the app itself is deployed on Heroku.

GitHub Finder

This app utilizes the GitHub API to search GitHub users and show their profile summaries. It's built with React with hooks, the Context API and is deployed on Netlify. Take note of this checkmark.

IT Logger

As the name says, this is an IT department logging app. It's built with React and Redux. Styling was done with the Materizlize front end framework, and the JSON Server library was used for a mock back end API.


You wouldn't believe that this site was built with only CSS and HTML. There's no JavaSript involved. Instead, it's based on a layout using floats and incorporates plenty of advanced CSS animations and effects.


Trillo is a mockup travel agency website. Flexbox is the primary tool used for layout control on this app.


From the overall layout to segment compositions, CSS Grid made it easy to create this complex design.

Original Projects

cotillion.band website
Portfolio website screenshot

Course Projects

ProShop website screenshot
Contact Keeper website screenshot
GitHub Finder website screenshot
IT Logger website screenshot
Natours website screenshot
Trillo website screenshot
Nexter website screenshot